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As from March 22 through March 24, 2017 KONTEC 2017 – 13th International Symposium “Conditioning of Radioactive Operational & Decommissioning Wastes” including 13th Status Report of BMBF “Decommissioning and Dismantling of Nuclear Facilities” took place at the MARITIM Hotel & Internationales Congress Center Dresden at Dresden, Germany.

KONTEC Symposium findet

More than 1.000 attendees from 20 nations and 84 exhibitors with 75 booths on over 1.200 m2 exhibition space made KONTEC 2017 one of the most successful in its history since 1993.93.


The KONTEC Symposium takes place every 2 years and convenes power plant operating experts, equipment manufacturing experts and service people as well as reviewers and authorities representatives for exchange of information and experience. In the course of the KONTEC Symposium series 1993 through 1999 in Hamburg KONTEC could be extended into an international symposium which adopted decommissioning as a new topic. From 2001 through 2005 KONTEC was held in Berlin and moved to Dresden in 2007. Since then KONTEC takes place in spring every 2 years at the MARITIM Hotel & Internationales Congress Center Dresden Dresden, Germany. Since 2003 the results of BMBF’s r&d program “Decommissioning and Dismantling of Nuclear Facilities” are being integrated into the KONTEC’s conference program.

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On Wednesday, March 22, 2017, 10.00 a.m. Mr Michael Szukala, Chairman of the KONTEC Programme Committee, opened the conference and highlighted among others the strongest international participation in the Technical Exhibition since the beginning of the KONTEC series 24 years ago. The KONTEC format consisting of plenary speaches, KONTEC DIRECT short technical lectures, poster presentations and KONTEC CAMPUS characterizes the attractive image of the symposium and invite for intensive communication between speakers, attendees and exhibitors.

Michael Szukala
Sabine Diehr

After the opening of the symposium Ms Sabine Diehr of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF welcomed the KONTEC 2017 attendees. Ms Diehr stressed the great need for well-trained professionals in Germany to meet future challenges in the area of the dismantling and
disposal of nuclear facilities in the internationally recognized quality for our country. The new BMBF research program "FORKA - Research for the Dismantling of Nuclear Facilities” was presented. Companies, universities and research institutions were invited to inform themselves. The project execution organisation GRS who supports BMBF with FORKA is available as contact.

One focus of FORKA is the promotion of young scientists. In this context, Ms Diehr welcomed the commitment of KONTEC in the field of promoting young researchers (KONTEC CAMPUS). Together with the assigned project executing organisation GRS the BMBF will continue to support to the KONTEC program arrangements with contributions from the supported research program.

The abrupt German federal government’s decision for nuclear phaseout after the Fukushima event, created enormous planning- and investment needs due to many decommissioning projects to be carried out in parallel. In addition people involved in such projects will have to deal with big technical challenges. The symposia KONTEC 2017 provided a valuable contribution to find solutions for the problems of radioactive wastes conditioning as well as a broad discussion about recent developments in the field of decommissioning techniques.

The still growing complexity of the special field under discussion at KONTEC was again taken into account by a stronger involvement of international papers in the various topical sessions of KONTEC 2017 and the ensuing international dialogue.

The KONTEC 2017 conference programme assigned to the following four main topics

- Disposal of radioactive residues from nuclear facilities‘ operation, decommissioning and dismantling

- Decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities

- Facilities and systems for the conditioning and packaging of operational and decommissioning wastes

- Transport, interim and final storage of non-heat generating wastes

informed the attendees in interesting and technically well-founded plenary presentations (38) and poster presentations (57), of which 16 posters were additionally presented in 10 minutes technical short lectures in the course of „KONTEC DIRECT technical short lectures in word & vision“, about experiences, newest developments and trends from science and industry in the field of dismantling technology.


„KONTEC DIRECT Short technical lectures in word & vision”

Poster presentations on the galleries of halls 1-5 of the MARITIM Hotel & Internationales Congress Center Dresden


As one further important feature of the KONTEC symposia, also at KONTEC 2017 a technical exhibition on over 1.200 square metres exhibition space took place in parallal and in close proximity to the lecture hall. 84 well-known companies of the branch on 75 booths showcased all aspects of their products and services and invited for dialogue.


Intensive dialogue between experts of the branch

on the KONTEC 2017 technical exhibition

Technische Fachausstellung

Under KONTEC CAMPUS „Companies support new talents in the nuclear industry”, a KONTEC project running since 2009, led by Mr Dr. Thomas Hassel, Head of the Unterwassertechnikum Hannover at the Institut für Werkstoffkunde, Produktionstechnisches Zentrum Hannover (UWTH) and member of the KONTEC Programme Committee, over 20 students could attend the conference free of charge thanks to 12 well-known companies of the branch. KONTEC CAMPUS 2017 started with an informative introductory kick-off meeting, followed by – among others – guided tours through the technical exhibition, where the students and interested exhibitors had opportunities to talk to each other directly. Numerous cooperation agreements between KONTEC CAMPUS sponsors and students could be developed already during the past KONTEC CAMPUS projects.

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The social evening event “KONTEC 2017 Banquet” took place on the terrace level of the MARITIM Internationales Congress Center Dresden on Thursday, March 23, 2017 and was very well attended. In a pleasant atmosphere with delicious food and drinks the attendees had interesting conversations, discussions were deepened and new contacts were established.

KONTEC 2017 Bankett“,

In the course of the KONTEC 2017 Best Paper Award the following contributions were awarded:

Best Plenary Paper:
„Improvement of a separation method for the secondary waste treatment from waterabrasive-suspension-cutting-technology“ by Ms Carla-Olivia Krauß of Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT).

Best KONTEC DIRECT technical short lecture:
„Experience from Dismantling, Decontamination and Release of Thick-Walled Casks and Containers“ by Mr Philipp Diekmann of GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH.

Best Poster:
„Implementation of the – Disposal Committee Guidelines at VKTA - Strahlenschutz, Analytik & Entsorgung Rossendorf e.V.“ by Ms Sabine Fleck of VKTA Dresden.


Best Paper Award

(left to right) Mr Michael Szukala, Ms Simone Müller substitutional for Ms Carla-Olivia Krauß,
Mr Philipp Diekmann, Ms Sabine Fleck.

On Friday, March 24, 2017 early afternoon the KONTEC Programme Committee Chairman Mr Michael Szukala concluded the conference and awarded the winners of the KONTEC 2017 Best Paper Award. Mr Szukala thanked the attendees, exhibitors and the speakers in particular for their valuable contributions to the conference and said good-bye pointing out the dates for KONTEC 2019, March 27 – March 29, 2019 at the MARITIM Hotel & Internationales Congress Center Dresden, Germany.

Current information about future KONTECs on www.kontec-symposium.de as from Mid-June 2017


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