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Call for Papers


First Announcement an Call for Papers (PDF-Document)


We look forward to your applications for technical contributions and kindly ask you to solicit recent contributions meeting the KONTEC main topics.

For submission of your technical contribution please use the enclosed application form or submit your paper online via www.kontec-symposium.de. Please make sure to provide an abstract together with your paper submission.

With the submission of your contribution please indicate whether you are planning a plenary paper, a poster or a KONTEC DIRECT short lecture. As part of the process of compiling the KONTEC 2019 conference program, the respective acceptance and placement of your submission will be decided. The authors will be informed in writing after October 2018 following the selection procedure. We therefore ask you to give an indication whether you agree with a possible, different classification or not already with the selection of your desired presentation format.

Please integrate your submitted technical contribution into the topic groups stated in the following:


Session 1:

Facilities and technologies for the dismantling and for the conditioning and packaging of operational and decommissioning wastes

Session Chair: Dr. T. Hassel, LUH-IW; A. Roth, Atkins


  • Systems for the treatment of liquid wastes
  • Systems for the treatment of solid wastes
  • Packaging for radioactive wastes
  • Filling techniques for waste packages
  • Technical innovation
  • Research and development
  • Dismantling- and segmentation methods


Session 2:

Disposal, interim and final storage as well as transport of radioactive wastes from nuclear facilities’ operation, decommissioning and dismantling

Session Chair: R.-J. Printz, JEN; O. Oldiges, DNT


  • Conditioning and disposal of radioactive wastes and residues
  • Free release procedures and measuring methods
  • Interim storage of radioactive wastes and residues
  • Producing repository-packed and documented radioactive waste for the Konrad repository
  • Arrangements for the delivery of radioactive waste to the Konrad repository
  • Preparation of readiness for acceptance of the Konrad repository
  • Final storage of radioactive waste international


Session 3:

Decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities

Session Chair: S. Klute, BKW; Dr. R. Versemann, RWE


  • Preparatory measures for decommissioning (operation and post-operation)
  • Decommissioning and dismantling concepts - optimization potential
  • Approval and Supervising Procedures
  • Planning, controlling and organisation of dismantling projects
  • Current dismantling projects
  • Systems decontamination



Requirements for plenary-, poster- and KONTEC DIRECT short technical lectures

Plenary presentations, posters and KONTEC DIRECT short technical lectures will be selected from abstracts submitted in response to the call for papers. Please note that only those applications for a technical contribution which are submitted together with an abstract can be taken into account for the paper selection process.

The abstracts should be 2 pages maximum and be summarised versions of the papers, giving the main items of interest, the methodology as well as the results and principal conclusions of the paper.

Following the acceptance of a technical contribution you will be kindly asked to submit a full paper to your KONTEC 2019 contribution. All full papers will be published as conference proceedings and will be distributed to all KONTEC 2019 attendees.

Detailed information hereto as well as about further relevant information related to your KONTEC 2019 technical contribution (i.e. about presentation technique, format requirements for paper presentation and for full papers) will be provided with the notification of acceptance to the authors as from October 2018.

Generally, 20 minutes plus 5-10 minutes for subsequent discussion are scheduled for each plenary paper.

In addition to KONTEC DIRECT poster panels to be presented at selected times, for each poster presentation a fully equipped double wall posterboard (2 x DIN A0 = W 84 cm x H 118 cm) will be provided for the whole time of the conference.


Copyright in papers accepted for being presented at KONTEC 2019 passes to Kontec Gesellschaft für technische Kommunikation mbH (Kontec GmbH).

The presenter resp. the person who applied for a technical contribution guarantees and assures that his/ her submitted paper is free of any property rights of any third party and that no intellectual proprietary rights, patent rights, licencing rights, trademark rights and similar rights are infringed by the paper publication through Kontec GmbH resp. through atm GmbH in order of Kontec GmbH.

The presenter resp. the person who applied for a technical contribution indemnifies Kontec GmbH as well as their partners and contractors from any claims of any third party resulting from possible infringements of property rights and bears all costs which arise in this context to Kontec GmbH, their partners and contractors.

In this regard, Kontec GmbH, their partners and contractors are authorized to obtain the approval for publishing the respective content from the beneficiary at the expense of the presenter resp. the person who applicated for a technical contribution.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the author of the submitted technical contribution to make sure that the abstract’s/ presentation’s content is legally matched.


Authors whose technical contributions have been accepted must nevertheless

  • register for the conference and
  • pay the participation fee for the conference.

(KONTEC 2019 participation terms incl. fees and registration will be available as from October 2018 together with the brochure “KONTEC 2019 invitation to attend with preliminary program” as well as on www.kontec-symposium.de)



At the end of KONTEC, the Chairman of the Program Committee will give the following awards:

Best Paper Award: Evaluation of the best technical contribution submitted and published in the conference volume

Best KONTEC DIRECT Award: Evaluation of the poster and the KONTEC DIRECT contribution in this category

Best Poster Award: Best Poster

Best Presentation Award: In order to give all presenters the opportunity to win the "Best Presentation" award, the best plenary paper will be selected after KONTEC. The winner will be notified after KONTEC and will be invited to the next KONTEC, where the presentation of the award will take place.



Only those applications for a technical contribution which keep to the following dates may be considered:


Due date for application including submission of abstract: August 15, 2018


Authors to be notified of acceptance: as from October 2018


Due date for submission of full paper: January 15, 2019


The application may only be considered through the fully completed attached form (also via www.kontec-symposium.de) submitted to the atm GmbH (for Kontec GmbH).

Please note that the personal data given on the form for application for a technical contribution are those of the presenter/ speaker. All relevant information, i.e. notification of paper acceptance to the authors, will be sent to the contact details stated on the form. Please kindly inform us by return in case of any changes.


Please mail applications and abstracts to:

atm Gesellschaft für aktives technisches Marketing GmbH

Willhoop 3 ž D 22453 Hamburg

Tel. +49/40/ 228 13 77 90 ž Fax +49/40/ 228 13 77 99




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