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Requirements to papers and posters

Requirements to papers, posters and KONTEC DIRECT short technical lectures

Only technical papers for which the following deadlines are met can be considered.

Dates & time schedule for submission of abstracts

Registration or submission of the technical contribution including abstract

until August 15, 2020

Selection meeting of the programme committee

End of September 2020

Notification of the authors

from October, 2020

Submission of the full version of the presentation (Full Paper)

until January 15, 2021

Delivery of the author information

until January 31, 2021

Presentation of the lecture

March 17-19, 2021

Detailed information and further relevant topics (e.g. on presentation techniques, format requirements for lecture presentations and full versions, etc.) concerning your KONTEC 2021 lecture will be provided by the program committee after completion of the selection procedure and acceptance of your contribution as of October, 2020.


Format of the plenary presentations

The plenary lecture will be presented by you in the large hall of the ICD in Dresden in front of a large professional audience. The time frame for the plenary lectures is 20 minutes including 5-10 minutes for discussion.

Format of the KONTEC DIREKT short lectures in word & picture

KONTEC DIRECT offers the possibility of a more in-depth and specific presentation of a topic in a moderated short lecture.

For this purpose 2 open forums with approx. 30 seats will be set up in the area of the exhibition. Each KONTEC DIRECT short lecture will be presented twice during KONTEC.

The speakers selected for the KONTEC DIRECT short lectures in word & picture will have a time frame of 10 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion time at their disposal.

Format of the poster presentations

Posters will be presented in poster forums to be determined by the participants themselves. A double-walled poster wall (2 x DIN A0 posters) is available for the entire duration of the event.

The personal details on the form for the submission of a paper must be those of the lecturer. All relevant information, e.g. notifications to the authors about the acceptance of the paper, will be sent to the given contact details.

Please be so kind as to inform us immediately of any changes.

After selecting the abstracts

After acceptance of the plenary lecture we ask you to submit the full version (Full Paper) of your KONTEC 2021 lecture (in German or English). The Full Papers will be summarized and made available to the participants via password protected download.

For a better understanding of foreign KONTEC participants, the presentation slides for KONTEC 2021 are requested in English, as already for previous events. The plenary lecture can still be held in German, simultaneous translation will be provided.


In order to give all speakers the opportunity to win the Best Plenary Award, the selection of the best plenary lecture will be made after KONTEC.

The winner will be notified after KONTEC and invited to the next event where the award will be presented.

The winners of the Best KONTEC DIRECT Award as well as the Best Poster Award will be nominated by the chairman of the program committee in front of an audience at the end of KONTEC.

The three award-winning presentations will be published on the KONTEC homepage.

Terms, Conditions & Copyright

Upon acceptance of the presentation for KONTEC 2021, the copyright passes to Kontec Gesellschaft für technische Kommunikation mbH (Kontec GmbH).

The presenter warrants and represents that the submitted paper is free of third party proprietary rights and that publication by Kontec GmbH or by atm GmbH on behalf of Kontec GmbH does not infringe any property, patent, license, trademark or other proprietary rights of third parties. The submitter shall indemnify Kontec GmbH and its partners and contractors against any claims of third parties arising from any infringement of property rights and shall also bear all costs incurred by Kontec GmbH and its partners and contractors in this connection. In this context, Kontec GmbH and its partners and contractors shall be entitled to obtain permission to publish the respective contents from the entitled party at the expense of the submitting party.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the presenter to ensure that the content presented in the presentation (abstract) is legally consistent.



Acceptance of the technical presentation does not release

-        from registration for the conference and

-        the payment of the participation fee.

The application may only be considered through the fully completed form submitted to the atm GmbH (for Kontec GmbH).