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Speaker's Short Introduction


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Dear Speaker,

to support the work of the session chairpersons during the plenary session as well as for the KONTEC DIRECT short lectures, we herewith request you kindly to fill-in the attached blank form and return it to contact@kontec-mannheim.de until February 20, 2019 at the latest.

The submission only at the beginning of your session’s speakers breakfast to the session chairmen is too late for their proper preparation.

Thank You atm GmbH for Kontec GmbH


Deadline for submission: No more full lecture versions will be accepted.

Full Paper

As already announced with the Call for Papers, following the acceptance of a technical paper you are kindly requested to submit a full paper of your KONTEC 2019 contribution to us. All full papers will be published as conference proceedings and will be distributed to all KONTEC 2019 attendees included in the personal conference package. Full Papers of all KONTEC 2019 contributions (plenary, poster and KONTEC DIRECT short technical lectures) will be compiled and published as KONTEC 2019 conference proceedings on an electronic data carrier (USB flash drive).
We kindly request you to submit your full paper as PDF format until January 15, 2019 at the latest.

You may either

  • submit your full paper through a special upload-feature on www.kontec-symposium.de. Please keep in mind that your upload file does not exceed a data size of 2 MB. Thank You.
  • or send an electronic storage medium, e.g. a CD ROM, by post to atm GmbH, Willhoop 3, 22453 Hamburg, Germany
  • or send an email with your full paper directly to contact@kontec-mannheim.de


When preparing your full paper please comply with the attached style sheet. Please mainly keep to the following requirements:

  • Please do not allocate any page numbers within your document.
  • Illustrations must be inserted at the appropriate positions in the text. Even when the figure has been fitted into the text, its type size must still be sufficiently large in order to guarantee good legibility (if at all possible, 10-point type size)!
  • Please submit your full paper as a PDF file.

These information plus the style sheet as a word file will be available to all KONTEC 2019 speakers online for download on www.kontec-symposium.de using the following login details:

>The access data is contained in the information letter, which has already been sent to you by e-mail.<